Downtown Just Got Juicier

By Dave DeLuca

20140807_154814There is a new juice bar in town, and it’s a sugar-free zone. Cathy Mcdonald opened the doors of White Wind Superfoods to the public on July 26. Downtown’s newest spot for smoothies, juices, and healthy shakes, White Wind promises to cater to anyone with special dietary needs. But you don’t have to be vegan, gluten free, or lactose intolerant to enjoy these organic drinks. 

What makes this place so special is right in their name, superfoods. What are superfoods?

“Superfoods give you super powers,” Mcdonald explained with a joyful smile. They won’t help you leap tall buildings with a single bound. But “They allow nutrients to go directly into your cells.”

Also, in addition to the superfoods many of us are already familiar with like blueberries and spinach, Mcdonald also uses exotic superfoods. Some of these are goji berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao powder, flax seeds, and maca powder. Everything is organic and locally grown. All of the ingredients in the shop come from Philomath, Eugene, or from First Alternative Co-Op here in Corvallis. The drinks are all free of sweeteners. Stevia packets are available, but customers are encouraged to try their drinks before adding anything. 

But, don’t just think about superfoods and organic wholesomeness, there are flavor combinations here you won’t find anywhere else, sometimes coming in wonderful layers.

So how does she make her concoctions so delicious? Determining the right ratios of ingredients to create both healthy and tasty drinks has taken years of experimentation. Mcdonald has worked in the field of healing for 14 years. Formerly a manager of a group home, she had a chance to practice her recipes on some lucky residents. Afterward, she took another two years to perfect her trade. The hard work has paid off. 

Both McDonald and her store manager Katey Whiteman have health issues which require them to be careful of what they eat. They hope to cater to individuals who are frustrated with reading labels and grilling waiters about ingredients.  

Whiteman believes White Wind can have a real impact on Corvallis. “Our goal is to nourish the community in a way that is fun and refreshing. We’re not a diet fad.”  

In fact, the staff of four already has expectations of expansion. A drive-thru is on the horizon, along with delivery. They would love to open more stores, including one on the OSU campus. 

Mcdonald could not be more excited or optimistic about the journey ahead for her and her staff, saying simply, “The whole place has been magical.”

White Wind Superfoods is located downtown at 252 SW Madison Avenue, Suite 100. To learn more, go to