Day Of The Shred!

By Dave DeLuca

skate-jam-sampleAttention, skaters past and present. It’s time to dust off your boards, put on some baggy shorts, dig out the Vans, and head downtown for the Day of the Shred! The Benton County Skateboard Alliance is hosting the Tommy McGuigan’s Memorial Skate Jam and Competition, and you are invited.

Those of you brave enough to compete can win cash, rad prizes, and insane home-modified trophies. Events consist of best bowl session, highest Ollie/Hippie jump, speed track, and best most glamorous bail. Your spouse told you that “Your skating days are over?” No problem. You can still come and enjoy an atmosphere highlighted by great tunes and goofy antics. While you’re there, learn more about the BCSA and support local skaters.

“Day of the Shred is all about getting out, having fun, and remembering that to stay stoked and keep rolling is to honor those rad folks no longer here to do so. Ever forward!” said Brady Chambers, aka Hairy McSpecies.

Tommy McGuigan’s Memorial Skate Jam and Competition will be held on Saturday, Aug. 16. Festivities begin at 1 p.m., right after the farmers’ market, at Eric Scott McKinley Skate Park downtown. All riders must sign a waiver. Riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet and have parental authorization. For more information on the jam or on the BCSA, go to