Corvallis Squares

By Kyra Young

CorvallisSquaresI would be willing to put good money on the fact that most people living in Corvallis have no idea that there is a square dancing club here, yet the Corvallis Squares have been dancing up a storm since 1959. The club holds the dances on a spacious and comfortable gym floor for members that range from 20 to 90 years old, and they provide food and drinks throughout the evening. 

According to Squares member Karen Karplus, square dancing is attractive because it offers the challenge of learning the 68 basic moves and using those moves to dance. In a more calculated manner than pop dancing, square dancing’s “language” can be translated in a seemingly infinite array of combinations. Once you know the moves, you can put them in a variety of orders to many different types of music, creating new dance algorithms.

“Square dancing is very social, and people laugh a lot; we also appreciate that it’s good exercise. It combines three aspects of holistic health:  movement to music, mental challenge, and relational connection,” said Karplus.

The regular dances are every second and fourth Saturday at the First Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Road, Corvallis. The next dance is on May 10. Round dancing will begin at 7 p.m. and square dancing will begin at 7:15 p.m. Kirby Goode will be calling for the dancing, and new members and visiting dancers are always welcome.