Corvallis Mayoral Candidates Face Email Grilling

Biff Traber and Josh Gulliver

Biff Traber is the current Ward 8 Councilor since his election in 2010.  He is currently retired from a career in the computer industry and in public service for a variety of charities and non profits.

Josh Gulliver is a 37 year old small business owner who has lived in Corvallis for 3 years.  His company Greenline Agro-Ecological Solutions does a variety of agricultural projects in the landscaping and efficiency sectors.

What are 1-2 major challenges that the city faces right now?

Biff Traber:  I see three challenges:

  • Maintaining long-range fiscal stability by growing the existing tax base through new economic activity, businesses and jobs while maintaining a sustainable budget.
  • Continuing to solve OSU/City points of conflict through the OSU Collaboration project while leveraging OSU expertise to the city’s benefit.
  • Updating Vision 2020 and associated plans in response to the changes that have occurred since they were developed.

Josh Gulliver: Transparency/accountability and improved community representation. Transparency not only between the public and council but also between council leadership and the council itself. Accountability of council leadership and city staff is imperative to an informed community, directed at smart growth. Community representation is an important challenge, helping to align public ideals with the goals of local government.  

What are 1-2 opportunities that are available to the city?

Biff Traber:  First, deal with the challenges by working together – council, staff and community. Second, hire a great new city manager and do so with extensive community involvement including our future councilors.

Josh Gulliver:  In 2015, we have the opportunity TO assess how effective the OSU collaboration effort has been. This will allow city government to determine if more of the city staff’s time and Corvallis’s budget should be invested. We also have an opportunity to examine our 2020 vision and determine what ideals are realistically attainable.  

What would you like to achieve during your term?

Josh Gulliver: I would like to achieve a more diverse and representative council. One that includes a balance of men and women with an increase of community input. More community oversight of both city council leadership and city staff is equally important. With an informed, educated community we can accomplish more.

Biff Traber: As Mayor, I will lead the city through this period of change preserving our quality of life and maintaining the city’s financial stability. Working together, we will make Corvallis better.

What are your opinions of you opponent?

Josh Gulliver: My opponent is a kind, detailed orientated man. However, he is an experienced part of the leadership that has made effort to push forth the status quo, and has proven to do so behind closed doors. I have a different vision for Corvallis. I believe that the collective voice of our community knows best, not an OVERWORKED AND AT TIMES, unaccountable city staff.

Biff Traber:  He is a well-motivated personable person who wants to get involved in Corvallis government. If he doesn’t win the election – which I hope he does not – I look forward to working with him on a commission or an advisory board and eventually on city council.