Corvallis’ Favorite Jerky is Back!

In a not so happy beginning to 2014, locals had to bid farewell to their favorite butcher shop, Emmons Meat Market. Owner Nancy Emmons decided to close up the shop on Highway 34 after 52 years of selling a variety of meat in raw, sandwich and jerky form.

Now the Emmons name and signature jerky will re-emerge with a new location in downtown Corvallis (4th and Madison Avenue, behind Starbucks).

Dave Emmons, step-son of Nancy Emmons and the man responsible for the jerky we’ve come to know and love, says the shop will open its doors either Tuesday, June 24 or Monday, June 30.  He will co-own the shop with Steve Anderson, former owner of Big Daddy’s BBQ in Portland.

Emmons Specialty Meats will be a retail outlet that will start out by selling Emmon’s popular beef and buffalo jerky, along with gourmet accessories like mustard, ketchup, spices and hot sauces. Anderson hopes to incorporate some of his famous barbecue sauces and meat rubs eventually as well.

“I’m bringing the jerky back that the community has been missing the last few months,” Emmons said cheerfully.

Mouths all over the valley can officially commence rejoicing.

by Patrick Fancher


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