Corvallis Advocate Invites You to the Movies

By Ygal Kaufman

AdvocateMovieNight2The movies have changed, but we’d like to take you back to a time when the moving picture show was a simpler and in some ways more delightful exhibition. On July 8th at 7 p.m., The Corvallis Advocate and Darkside Cinema are proud to present Corvallis Community Movie Night. The ongoing event is a weekly screening, free to the public, of classic films from the rise of arguably the most American art form.

The film series will feature classic action, adventure, comedy, romance and horror from the golden age of cinema and is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a low-cost night out. Also on slate for the screenings will be classic newsreels and cartoons preceding the films and a little bit of history to help you on future crossword puzzles.

First up is The Most Dangerous Game, the 1932 action-adventure classic based on the short story from 1924. In it, a renowned big game hunter gets shipwrecked on the island of wealthy recluse Count Zaroff, also an avid hunter. But as you no doubt can guess, the hospitable Count has nefarious plans in mind for the hunter and some other shipwreck survivors staying at his castle.

The frequently adapted classic was made by the same team that made King Kong, and also stars the legendary Fay Wray, as well as the equally legendary sets used in the filming of Kong.

At the Advocate, we are keenly aware that we could not survive without your support, and we’d like to show our thanks by inviting you to join us for a movie, every week, all summer long.

The first installment of Corvallis Community Movie Night is on Tuesday, July 8th at 7PM at the Darkside Cinema. Admission is free for all, though a small donation is welcomed and encouraged. All films in the series will be appropriate for all ages.