Coffees of Corvallis

DSC09606Allann Bros. Coffee

922 NW Circle Blvd., 500 SW 2nd St., 2541 NW Monroe St.

Allann Bros. Coffee, aka the Beanery, has three locations in Corvallis serving consistently quality coffee alongside a wide range of menu options, with the most choices for food at their 2nd Street location. Do note, however, that their espresso shot is not quite consistent with the typical “American” espresso style. Allann Bros. coffee is instead made with a more European-style espresso, which is far stronger. When you order your triple-shot 16-ounce Americano, latte, or what have you, remember you’re getting the potent dank here, so you may want to tone it down a notch and stick with a single shot.


1563 NW Monroe Ave.

The dream of the ‘90s is alive and well in Corvallis. Interzone is its beating heart. When you walk through the purple-framed door, past all the scrawled band flyers, you could almost believe that Gibby Haines doesn’t need to take a nap before playing a 9 p.m. show. Their drink menu features standard coffeehouse fare with specialties such as the cardamom honey latte for a bit of frou-frou. They do a pretty good breakfast beyond bagels and pastries if you’re so inclined. Back in my day, though, we lived off the cream and sugar in our coffee and we were grateful for it.

Dutch Bros.

425 NW Harrison Blvd., 2001 Monroe Ave., 1855 SE 3rd St.

Oregon’s answer to the Starbucks mega behemoth is a mini mega behemoth all its own here in Corvallis.  Their relatively newly opened on campus location looks a bit like a strip club, especially at night or early in the morning.  And I approve of that.  These guys are known for their coffee and tea drinks more than their classic coffee or espresso.  But they are popular for a reason. 

Purple Moon

1007 SE 3rd St.

You can be sure that each cup of joe the folks at Purple Moon are whipping up is organic and awesome. If you’re not into coffee, don’t fret because they have an array of equally tasty juices and smoothies. Not to mention they have a special nearly every day of the week, and they top that smooth and rich espresso drink with none other than a chocolate-covered coffee bean. You can find their quaint coffee stand in the parking lot of the South Town Co-op or visit them on Saturday mornings at the Corvallis Farmers’ Market.

Coffee Culture

363 SW Jefferson St., 1195 NW Kings Blvd., 2215 NW 9th St.

If you’re looking for a great places to sit and drink a delicious cup of coffee or tea, look no further than Coffee Culture’s three locations. Though sometimes a little pricey, the great environment and delicious java will have you coming back again and again. And they’ve got warm service to accent their wealthy drink and treat selection.


208 SW 2nd St.

A taste of Italy is just around the corner in Corvallis. Grab a cup of delicious coffee and a bowl of creamy gelato at this adorable little restaurant on 2nd Street. It’s important to note that this is not an ideal location for a quick cup of plain coffee. Espresso is king here. But the combination of Italian ice cream and delicious espresso drinks will have you dreaming of Rome.

Imagine Coffee

5460 SW Philomath Blvd.

Imagine Coffee regularly hosts live music and displays of local artists’ work. Each table is decorated with paper and a can of colored pencils, encouraging those who are hanging out sipping a cup of coffee to get in touch with their artistic side. Customer service is great; the baristas take pride in knowing their customer’s name. What’s more, any extra profit made goes right back to charities to support coffee-growing families.

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