Calling All Artists – Literally

By Johnny Beaver

public domain for use with corvallis creators shortIt’s no secret that Corvallis and the surrounding areas have a wealth of artists and art resources. There are many active and talented writers, painters, photographers, etc. from all walks of life, as well as phenomenal teaching staff at both local colleges (OSU and LBCC). Corvallis alone has many art-based institutions such as the Fall Festival and Majestic Theatre, art-friendly businesses like Imagine Coffee and Stash, and at least two guilds that work together to enrich the community.

As a result, witness the creation of a central location to meet: a Facebook group called Corvallis Creators. Similar to the music-oriented Corvallis Noisemakers put together last year, this page invites all artists of any discipline, be they into fine art painting, beat poetry, sculpting, or crafting (and everything in between), to join together and share artwork, tips, news of shows, classes, and other opportunities. Additionally, members are free to discuss their creative process, get criticism, collaborate, and more… the sky is the limit.

Everyone from the exuberant doodler to the savvy arts director (or me, the raving bearded expressionist) can freely mix in one place and help grow our community. Want to join? Just type in the following link and say hello!