Burger Time

DSC00476Block 15

300 SW Jefferson Ave.

Beer and burgers are quintessential American fare. Nothing makes me happier than tottering down to Block 15 for a Friday night indulgence. Their six ounce, “hand-spanked” burgers are made with Oregon-raised, grass-fed beef. Customize your burger with an assortment of locally grown toppings or go all in with one of their signature creations. I highly recommend the rosemary and sea salt fry upgrade.

Nearly Normal’s

109 NW 15th St.

If you’re looking for a burger with a twist, and by a twist I mean no meat, you’ve got to check out Nearly Normal’s. Their menu offers up some truly original flavors, with each burger tasting as interesting as it sounds. Nearly Normal’s describes themselves as serving up “gonzo cuisine,” and if you’re unsure, like I was, exactly what that means, I suggest you go find out for yourself. The dining atmosphere is superb, with downstairs, upstairs, and outdoor seating.


420 NW 3rd St., 2001 NW Monroe Ave.

With locations all over the state, McMenamins is an Oregon staple like beards, flannels, and firs. There are two locations to enjoy in Corvallis, and they both feature a broad American selection and a fully stocked bar. Their own brews are pretty solid, and their sides will have you cheering. The burgers are what you might describe as all-American. You tend to find a lot of beef and nothing too fancy here.  That’s the way I like it.

Squirrel’s Tavern

100 SW 2nd St.

There are many different reasons to go to Squirrel’s. The only reason I go is for their kick-ass kitchen crew. I don’t even drink. That’s how good the burgers are at Squirrel’s. For the best price you’ll find anywhere short of fast food, you get a big ol’ burger, a heaping helping of God’s potato (the tater tot) and good friendly (but never obnoxious and overbearing) service. Vegetarians shouldn’t hesitate to hit up their garden burger, which is not in any way unique, but is always perfectly prepared.

Les Caves

308 SW 3rd St.

If you’re anything like me, you only get to enjoy Caves once a month, once you’ve scraped together enough cash from all the change people threw at you while you tried to do the living statue routine outside the library. But don’t be like me and just order the same thing every month (three of their pretzels and then the lamb bacon BLT); try the burger. They do it right, with a healthy chunk of top-grade beef and the gourmet touches that put a pricey burger over the top. Their fries aren’t exactly transcendent, but you’re there for the atmosphere and prestige anyway, amiright?

Flat Tail Brewing

202 SW 1st St.

Ring of Fire… Ring of Fire… Just trust me, Ring of Fire.  Flat Tail makes a seriously mean burger and they serve it a third of a pound at a time and they pair really well with beer, not just Flat Tail’s beer, but any beer at all really.  It’s world class beer eating.

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