Breakfast Breakdown

file2361274239655Darrell’s Restaurant

2200 NW 9th St.

Darrell’s Restaurant is one of the last true greasy spoon diners you’ll find in Corvallis. And it’s a shame, despite being centrally located on 9th Street, many people still don’t know this hidden gem even exists. Their cooks have delivered delicious consistency in old school favorites like chicken fried steak, German sausage and eggs, skillets, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes for over 45 years. Plus they serve breakfast all day and the prices aren’t going to empty your wallet or purse.

Next time you’re out for breakfast, just go to Darrell’s.

New Morning Bakery
219 SW 2nd St.
This place needs less than no introduction.  Is a negative introduction a thing?  Just hands down the best place in town to have a quick or slow breakfast.  They’ve got coffee and pastries galore, an amazing space to sit and relax in, it’s frequented by basically everyone in town, but not in an obnoxious overflowing way.  It’s just a Corvallis treasure.  I recommend their bonkers focaccia creations, my go-to everyday on-the-way treat.

Sam’s Station

1210 NW 29th St.

Getting a delicious, hearty breakfast from a coffee shop is rare, even in Corvallis. However, there’s a neighborhood spot tucked away on 29th Street called Sam’s Station that offers the best variety of espresso, bakery goods (muffins!), and gourmet breakfast plates around.

Sadly, Sam’s Station’s excellence is the worst kept secret in town, so the place fills quickly and can slow the service to a snail’s pace. The food is absolutely worth the wait, even if it involves eating breakfast for lunch. The omelets are huge and stuffed with awesome ingredients, and usually accompanied with tasty pan-fried Yukon gold potatoes and toast with homemade jam. The French toast and oatmeal are other notable favorites.

Broken Yolk

119 SW 3rd St.

At the tender age of eight, I reacted poorly to anesthesia administered for a tonsillectomy. I wouldn’t leave the embrace of Morpheus on my own, so the nurses forced me awake every two hours. According to my mother, they left me alone after I declared “NO!” and projectile vomited à la Linda Blair all over the pediatric recovery playroom.

Morning still finds me possessed by angry spirits, but I will put them in check to go to Broken Yolk. This downtown Corvallis staple offers the full gamut of diner classics like chicken-fried steak, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, and a litany of egg options. It’s usually packed during the school year with visiting parents and large groups of hungover students, but one of Broken Yolk’s excellent brunch cocktails will drown out the racket.

Sharon’s Cafe

1894 SW 3rd St.

As a rule of thumb, when I commit to that strenuous pursuit of a finger-lickin’ good, decently priced weekend breakfast and I see a diner snuggled in between a gun store and a shanty bodega, I hightail it right out of there. However, in the case of Sharon’s Cafe, which is nestled between Corvallis’ ABC Guns and Circle K, don’t listen to your instincts. Instead, follow the steady flow of eager families and the smell of pancakes and gravy, and plop down into a booth, or belly up to the bar. This cafe stays true to the cozy, homey feel of the classic diner, with cordial service, several classic breakfast options, and bottomless coffee. They stick to the basics of breakfast, doing them right and in portions sure to please.

Sunnyside Up Café

116 NW 3rd St.

According to their website, you can get answers to life, the universe, and everything with your cup of coffee at Sunnyside Up Café. The bohemian elder crowd assembled there certainly indicates that enlightenment is possible. In the event that you don’t, you can still choose a decent breakfast from among their many vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous options. Sunnyside Up is a great place to take your parents as well. They’ll fit right in.


350 SW 4th St.

Tommy’s 4th Street Bar and Grill offers the quintessential American diner breakfast with lightning fast service and no attitude. There may not be anything super special about the lightly golden hash browns, country-style peppered bacon or pork links with eggs, but it is unquestionable delicious without being too greasy. The ambiance makes eating at Tommy’s like being on road trip and finally finding a great café which is special enough.

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