As the State Turns

oregonIt’s About Time
Cover Oregon officials have made the decision to stop bombarding the state with their happy-time-fun-land commercials after spending over $8 million in 2013. As soon as current payments expire, the billboards will be coming down as well. One official, Michael Cox, has made it clear that Cover Oregon will be taking a new approach to advertising in 2014. Perhaps it’ll involve hiring more agents to get people enrolled?

Oregon Leads in Explosives
A whopping 22 explosive devices were taken down by the Oregon State Police (OSP) Arson and Explosives units between January and Oct.12 2013. Occurring mostly in the southwest of the state, these sorts of numbers bring our fair state to the top of the national pile for bomb-related crimes reporting. Although most instances are chalked up to youngsters being youngsters that apparently like to watch things explode, there have been more serious instances, such as an explosion at a Medford DA’s office this past November. Either way, number one! Right?

Minimum Wage Increases in Oregon
The New Year has rung in a 15-cent pay hike for about 100,000 Oregonians. As of Jan. 1, minimum wage went up from $8.95 to $9.10 per hour. Oregon now has the second-highest minimum wage in the nation after Washington, which has seen its wage rise to $9.32. What impact this will have on Oregon remains to be seen, though officials say the increase will improve the state’s economy. That said, the Oregon Center for Public Policy believes the pay raise is nice but not enough for low wage earners.

by Johnny Beaver and Patrick Fancher