A Sunday Afternoon with Three Psychics

By Alan Sproles

PsychicsWhen my wife and I showed up for “An Afternoon with 3 Psychics” at the Old World Deli, we were expecting dozens of folding chairs filled with New Age hippies hanging on the eloquent orations of feminine charlatans. Perhaps one of the clairvoyants would wave hands at the crowd, eyes half closed, and proclaim, “I’m sensing someone in the crowd has lost a loved one. I see the letter ‘L.’ Or it could be an ‘S.’ I see someone who sometimes wears hats. Anyone?”

We found, instead, three rather unassuming women sitting around a small table chatting over iced tea. There were no lines of un-well souls seeking truths or salvation in the large open space just inside the building entrance. There was no signage or sign-up list. In fact, we would not have known that an event was taking place had we not recognized the women from their website. But I’m glad that we did. 

The psychics in question were Linda Churchyard, Leslie Romine, and Donna Mainord. The services offered were Tarot card readings, ColorCard energy readings, and rune readings. I sat down with Romine and a brand new deck of ColorCards. I chose (or divined) several face-down cards. Once revealed, each card listed two strengths, two lessons, and a color. Romine interpreted how the cards were relevant to my current dilemmas. I drew silver, purple, yellow, gold, and white, by the way. 

As you might expect, the tools of a reading are only as good as their practitioner. That was what impressed me about Romine. She was intuitive and persuasive enough to draw out exactly what was on my mind and help me affirm to improve. I was introspective, she was empathetic, and the cards were whimsically revelatory. I essentially received a 20-minute counseling session. 

Churchyard performed a Tarot card reading for my wife. Her reading is her own, and not for public consumption. I can share, however, that Churchyard envisioned a cantaloupe. Who are we to argue with fresh produce?

So what was the takeaway of our surprisingly brief encounter with oracles?

It was fun. 

‘Sunday Afternoons with 3 Psychics’ takes place on the first Sunday of each month at the Old World Deli, located at 341 SW 2nd Street. Readings cost $1 per minute with a 15-minute minimum. Find out more about the entire roster of psychics and their tools at www.3psychics.com.