26 Love Letters for Mama Art Book Launch

p4_LoveLetters(photocreditvisitcorvallis.com)Susan Chung has been fighting breast cancer since 2010. She has kept her spirits up by reading (and re-reading) a poem her daughter wrote for her. The poem is an A-B-C style poem that uses each letter of the alphabet to describe how she loves her mother. Now, Chung and her daughter have decided to turn that idea into something more and it has taken the form of an art book, and the release is in a few weeks.

Her project was successfully funded by a Kickstarter in February, with the tag line “fine art, no schmaltz, good love.” The book is available for preview online, but be warned that it is definitely schmaltzy—but a sweet kind of schmaltz. The sort of schmaltz that could make 26 Love Letters for Mama a very appropriate Mother’s Day gift.

26 Love Letters for Mama boasts 22 female artists from the Pacific Northwest, mostly from Oregon or Washington, though a couple of the artists are based as far away as Southern California and even Toronto. Chung herself is from Corvallis, and one of the artists is Philomath-based artist Judith Sander. The overall art style is soft, colorful, and very modern. It feels like a children’s book for grownups.

The 26 Love Letters for Mama launch party is at the Riverside Art Sale and Benefit on Saturday, April 26 from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Wheelhouse Event Center, 421 NE Water Avenue, Albany.

By Kenna Warsinske