Weird Clubs at OSU

offbeatclubsYou’re a new student to OSU or perhaps one that has been there for a while and you’re looking for a group or club to involve yourself in during your free time, but you’re a unique individual and sometimes your interests don’t exactly follow the typical and more mainstream culture. Those of you searching painstakingly for a group that fits your particular tastes need search no further. Here is a list of some of the more unusual clubs on campus that may pique your interest:

The Zombie Survival Club – Have you spent the majority of your free-time studying maps of the city to find the perfect tactical locations to hole up in case of the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Are you looking for that perfect combination of people to make up your Zed survival team? Look no further; prepare your escape plan today. You can reach them via email at

Dodgeball club – Were you one of those kids that relished in delivering a volley of painful blows to your fellow students? Did the sound of their terrorized screams from a well-placed hit fill you with guilty pleasure? In the Dodgeball Club you can practice your deadly skills and send a barrage of rubber balls into the face of your fellow classmates, make sure to pack a cup. Contact them at

Freehold of Turris Nimborum – Deck yourself out in your finest renaissance garb as you learn the skills of an age long since gone. Immerse yourself in the trades of the Middle Ages with other students not made for this century as you practice period dancing, calligraphy, garb-making, armoring, and heralding as well as other relevant skills of the time period. For more info contact them at

Pistol Club – Interested in the firearm hobby? Learn how to properly operate a firearm in a safe manner while relieving a little steam at the firing range with the Pistol Club. Check out their website at

The Anime Club – Are you a closeted Otaku? Do you shun traditional western animation styles and long for a group that appreciates the fanciful storytelling of Miyazaki? Are you secretly hiding a Manga in your “Intro to Economics” textbook? Share your love for Japanese pop culture with others at the Anime Club. Check them out on their Facebook page

The Submarine Club -They say that you may be able to participate in a submarine race… need I say more? To contact them send an email to

Magic: The Gathering Club – Still have that perfectly crafted Magic deck that you created in high school but you have no one to battle against? Pull out your best cards and play against some serious rivals at the Magic: The Gathering Club. You can learn more at

By John Rosales

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