Unloved, Unliked or Just Plain Lonely?

LonelyChristmasI firmly believe that no one should be alone on Christmas, but I realize that there are plenty of people who would prefer nothing more than to shed their family and friends during this stressful time of year and spend the day alone. I also realize that being alone may be unavoidable. Here are some places that will open their doors on Wednesday, Dec. 25 and welcome the lonely souls who have no one to spend Christmas with:

The Peacock
Definite hours have yet to be determined, but it is more than likely that the Peacock will open its doors on the 25th. What better way to spend a lonely Christmas than to treat yourself to a drink or five. Raise a glass and toast the holiday spirit, you never know, you may even be able to drink your way into a friendship or two.

Get Outdoors
The mercury is finally beginning to rise, and this may last through the “big day,” so don’t forget all the hiking trails in and around town. Who needs company when you can spend the day communing with nature! It’s a great way to keep your mind off loneliness and remind you that it’s good to be alive.

For some, hitting the movies on Christmas Day is a tradition. Take a break from your lonesome reality and join them; get absorbed in the magic of film. Showtimes are usually limited, but both the Regal and Carmike theaters in town will be open for your viewing pleasure.

Bowling (5-9)
If you’re upset that you’re alone on Christmas, head down to Highland Bowl and take out those feelings on some unsuspecting bowling pins. Grab a beer to ease the pain, just don’t reenact scenes from The Big Lebowsky, it’s irritating.

Go pay homage to “the reason for the season.” Christmas services are particularly beautiful in my opinion, and any number of churches in town will likely welcome a lonely citizen into their ranks for the day.

Pastega Christmas Display & Drive Through Tour (Formerly the Pepsi Lights Display).
Get into the holiday spirit by checking out the awesome lights and plywood cutouts at the Pastega Display. About 40,000 people are expected to visit this year, so chances are no one will notice that you are on your lonesome. This year, the traditional lights display is taking place at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis. The display is open until Thursday, Dec. 26 from 6 to 10 p.m.

by Kristen Daly