Tater Trot: 2013

tater-totsIt’s an age-old debate that dates back to many inebriated nights: tots or fries. Frankly, there is really no question here—the only real question is where to get the best tots in town. Where can you find the perfect combination of crunchy potato bliss, perhaps with an ice-cold beer?

Squirrel’s Tavern-
Tater Tots: $2.50
These tots are by far the cheapest in town. Take note when I say cheap I am simply commenting on price and not the glorious quality of these browned-to-perfection morsels of potato delight. What is the one and only thing that could possibly make these particular tater tots better? The option of adding bacon for only fifty cents! Not to mention you can easily enjoy your tots with a Squirrel’s burger or a nice tap beer. The atmosphere seems appropriate for a good tater tot. It just feels right.

Corvallis Sports Park Sports Pub- 
Tater Tots: $3.30
For those of you who haven’t been to the sports pub, it’s a wonderful place. There are a plethora of TVs to watch whichever game you might want to see, and of course, tots. Now, we have seen bar food, I would consider these tots to be the equivalent of game day food. The type of food you would expect to pick up at a baseball field. The portions appear pre-packed and quickly made, which is nice when you want to get back to the game. I can easily say my tots were more enjoyable while watching a live soccer show.

 Cajun Tots: $4.74 (small); $7.75 (large)
If you are looking to spice up your life, McMenamins offers Cajun tots with a peppercorn ranch dip. The tots definitely offer the needed crunch, with an extra bite. They are unlike the other tots found around town in that they have a distinctive taste cooked in. The dip is also good, but for those who like the Cajun kick offered by these tots the dip factor really takes away from the flavor. Overall, these tots are a great deal for your money and likely the most flavorful for the price.

Flat Tail Brewery – Sweet Potato Tots: Substitute for fries for $1.
If you think you like tots, you don’t have the slightest clue how much more glorious they can be. Flat Tail Brewery is home to the unique and delightful Sweet Potato Tots, a twist on the classic. As crunchy and golden on the outside as your standard tot, but sweet and smooth like a sweet potato, these are a new classic. They can be substituted on any dinner or sandwich on the Flat Tail Brewery Menu.

Clodfelters – Tater Tots
Clodfelter’s tots are a classic tot, but like all food at Clod’s they are reliably tasty, you don’t have to risk burnt tots or soggy tots like you do in some other establishments (I’m looking at you, microwaved tots!). Clodfelter’s is a pretty laid-back pub atmosphere, but can be crowded due to its proximity to campus. However, if you are looking to mock 21-year-olds for their bad taste in beer or music while chomping down on some tasty tots, it’s a sure bet.

So who has the best tot? It is a hard decision to make. Taking into consideration atmosphere, taste and texture of the tot, and total cost it would really depend on your budget and mood for the evening. Each tot experience is different, and truly to be appreciated in its own way. And if there’s any we missed you feel deserve mention, let us know at www.corvallisadvocate.com!