Success at the Whiteside’s Year of Culture Launch Event: Patrons Weigh In

Jaime Williams

A Year of Culture is upon us in Corvallis! Celebrate culture in our city with da Vinci Days, Whiteside Theater, Majestic Theater, Corvallis Fall Festival, The Arts Center, Benton County Historical Museum, Arts and Culture Commission, and Visit Corvallis.

For more information, visit the Year of Culture’s currently-in-construction website at

At the Whiteside Theatre’s recent Year of Culture Launch Event, The Advocate had the opportunity to speak with two theatre members, Jaime Williams and Ariana Carlson, and Joel Hirsch, a great supporter of the arts in our community, and Ward 6 City Councilor.

Jaime Williams, Whiteside Theatre Foundation board member: “I’m looking forward to the building of relationships and getting through the groan zone of what it means to work together. Collaboration means a lot of hard work, but it means better outcomes for everyone in the end.”

Ariana Carlson, Whiteside Theatre Foundation, Year of Culture Launch event organizer: “I’m really excited there are so many people in Corvallis interested in furthering arts. Everyone is really looking forward to seeing what we can do to further arts this year.”

Joel City Council liaison, Arts & Culture, Art Center Board liaison: “This year is the 100th anniversary of the Majestic, 50th of the Arts Center, 25th of DaVinci Days. The 100th anniversary institution and the 25th anniversary institution directors just left so the transition is going to be interesting.”

Photos and quotes collected by Lana Jones