Sewing Machine Rescue and Rehab

IMG_4825The lonely old sewing machines and half-finished projects hiding in the closets of Corvallis have a champion: Michelle Marie, owner of Corvallis Used and Vintage Sewing Machines.

“There are a lot of people out there with sewing machines in closets because they got so frustrated the last time they used them,” said Marie. “I want to get those machines back into circulation!”

Marie rescues these machines when she finds them and tries to get them new homes. “We’re keeping sewing machines out of landfills and using them to keep lots of other things out of landfills,” she said.

Marie has been selling used and vintage machines, and giving sewing lessons for two years. She started officially repairing machines a few weeks ago. She doesn’t have a storefront at this point but offers lessons from her home. She also offers to go to clients homes. She said that parents with kids appreciate the in-home lessons.

Marie also offers sewing machine rentals. “The rental aspect is small, but grew out of opportunities to loan sewing machines to good causes, like the OSU Women’s Center’s Menstrual Pad Movement,” she said. “They make reusable menstrual pads for young women overseas who miss school when they are on their periods because they cannot afford sanitary products.”

Marie is working toward a Ph.D. in Apparel Design and the Near Environment at Oregon State. She’s also the costume designer for Majestic Theatre’s The Sound of Music.

Machines for sale, info on lessons, repair, and rentals are available on Marie’s website: She also has a growing Facebook page:

by Lana Jones