Retail Fail: Please Take a Ticket

fabric2_CFPull a number. Wait in line. Hear your number. Get your fabric cut? Wait. Did I just get new tags for my car?

This has been going on over at Jo-Ann Fabric for awhile now. As an avid fabric fan, I’ve tried to ignore the system that I’m certain needs a major overhaul. It’s only so long you can take being the only person at the counter, and even if you show them your number they get right on the loudspeaker and stare at you as they say, “Now helping guest for ticket nine at the cutting counter.” Not once. Twice.

It’s kept me away until the other day when I needed a half yard of broadcloth. With two people ahead of me, one of the employees, a nice-looking older woman who reminded me of my grandma, did something remarkable. She failed to call out the number of the girl in front of me and just started cutting her fabric! She continued by asking her what she was making and even apologizing to me for the wait.

Then another employee came over and called out the dreaded announcement, and all the hope unraveled from me like thread from a cherished quilt.

At checkout I asked another employee if they were required to call out the number even when there was no one else in the store. She smiled and said, “We need to train you.” She went on to tell me that that was part of the employee training because of angry customers who would complain their number was skipped.

Come on, people.

So I didn’t tell her my wonderful experience of having an employee who knew how to help someone graciously without following protocol. Later, I called and let them know what wonderful customer service I had from Mrs. X (name held to protect the hands-down best service I’ve seen at Jo-Ann Fabric in years) and I was curious to know how long she’d worked there. Because surely she must be a pro. Turns out she’s only been there a month.

Bravo, Jo-Ann Fabric for hiring an outstanding employee. Please allow her to train everyone else.

by Mandy Clark