Other Dillweeds of Honorable Mention

cohnstaedtWilliam Cohnstaedt: Corvallisite lawyer and property owner, who made his claim to fame by effectively killing the campus area Brew Station business. Well within his rights to jack the rent up, ending a beloved local business that was doing well and winding up with a building that’s still empty months later (although there are rumors about a new tenant moving in soon)… that just makes you a jerk.

tim muellerTim Mueller: As Linn County sheriff, Mueller makes this list for his ties to the Posse Comitatus “organization” and his misunderstanding of what his job actually is by penning a letter to Joe Biden in which he refused to enforce gun control legislation that hadn’t even passed yet. Lately he’s also declared his support of the fight against allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Linn County. Note to sheriffs: your mandate says to uphold the Constitution, not interpret it.

corey pearlsteinCorey Pearlstein: Once the executive director of the Majestic Theatre, this dillweed runner-up makes this list for a bombastic personality that created stress amongst his workmates and drove a wedge into the relationship between the Whiteside and the Majestic. When he couldn’t get the Corvallis Advocate to say what he wanted, he began a campaign of visiting advertisers in an attempt to get them to withdraw their support. This sort of behavior is unbecoming of an adult, let alone a professional. And that’s why he’s no longer around.

cover oregon peopleCover Oregon Leaders: Carolyn Lawson, Rocky King, Bruce Goldberg (although he’s newish, so hopefully he’ll be the man to right this ship), Governor Kitzhaber, and everyone else involved in creating this cataclysm. By the way, thanks for the robo calls letting Oregonians know that they’re totally screwed if they don’t get “enrollment confirmation” by this coming Monday. Merry Christmas.

BetsyCloseBetsy Close: Our fair district’s hyper-partisan, Republican contribution to the state senate. Despite going on record with frankly bizarre and unscientific personal accounts, as well as debunked 30 year old pseudoscience to battle marijuana legislation in the state, her voting record is really what damns her. Yes on allowing Native American mascots for schools, but no on disallowing minors from using dangerous tanning salons? This general attitude goes on for miles. Rated a whopping 7% by the Oregon League of Conservation voters, and 92% by the NRA, Close is what you’d call… well, a dillweed.

ken ballKen Ball: Philomath High School principal that told one of our reporters he was “too busy” to speak about the Gay Straight Alliance and then proceeded to confirm that they didn’t have an active GSA, but “sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.” Definitely an advocate for children.

StokerWesley Stoker: Captain of downtown’s Vita-World and purveyor of expired vitamins, baby formula and related items galore, gets aggressive when questioned about his business practices and has been known to follow people out the door and down the street. Claims expiration dates are “fictitious,” and generally gives local business a bad name.

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