OSU Snow Fail 101

snowOregon State University students had to wait one more nail-biting, eye-burning day of studying to take their finals last week due to the snowstorm which began on Dec. 6. Oregon State faculty closed the campus on Monday of Finals Week due to the inclement weather, relocating entire classes and disrupting holiday travel plans. Some students suffered unnecessary incomplete grades if they were unable to change their schedule. As if the snow and stress weren’t enough, pipes froze in university buildings on Tuesday of Finals Week, including in Milam Auditorium, one of the biggest classrooms on campus, and students were moved to Gill Coliseum and Langton Hall Gymnasium to take exams.

According to Steve Clark, Oregon State’s vice president for university relations and marketing, nearly 13,000 students were affected by the closure and rescheduling. Granted, Corvallis is not accustomed to over six inches of snowfall in less than a day, or the subsequent ice-skating rink which tends to form on unplowed, unmaintained, and unsanded roads. However, students from the Midwest and Alaska had to be shaking their heads in disbelief. The show must go on, finals must be taken, despite a little winter freezing.

LBCC took the situation in stride—no rescheduled finals or missed flights home for the holidays, just confidence in the bravery and ability of their students (who, in comparison, do not live on campus). Maybe, Oregon State should take a lesson from those Roadrunners. There are alternatives, Beavers. Oregon State could have allowed students to take finals online or submit them electronically. Perhaps, offer a class to faculty on how to wear snowshoes and put on tire chains.

by Addie Maguire

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