Not Voting is a Right…

abstainFail always come in pairs. Well, typically in octuples, but you get me. In the case of this terrible voter turnout, I agree that complacency is a great problem, and that it’s pretty gross to think about the complaints that might be launched about the levy in coming years by those that didn’t vote… but what the hell ever happened to conscientious objection? Or not wanting to comment? Or being respected for your choice? Voting is something we’re allowed to do, not forced to do, for good reason. Choosing not to vote can be no different than choosing to do so; when dealing with a finite number of ballots, abstinence acts as a modifier. You can argue practicality versus idealism all day long, but in the end, two things are still true:

1. Just because a solution is presented as either A or B, doesn’t mean either of those is a good idea. We have the right to choose to reject both options, even if there’s someone shouting about “the lesser of two evils” in our ears all day long.

2. The people that founded this country knew enough about democracy to understand that abstinence is a form of engagement, even if abstract. Even if it isn’t conscious… as Americans, it’s important to have the right to be totally void, covered in Cheerios, and not know your ass from your elbow.

by Johnny Beaver