New Issue: March 7th, 2013

In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Corvallis Sustainability Fair: Reusable Diapers and Green Lawn Care

Quinoa in the Pacific Northwest: Ancient Grains in Oregon?

Dung Beetles Orient via the Milky Way: Celestial Navigation

Brave Julius’ Music Video Debut: March 16th Concert at the Whiteside Theatre

Science Pub: Climate Change and Morality

Talk Corvallis Taxes With City Club on March 11

Feeling Stuffy? Local Cold Remedies for the 21+ Crowd

Wolves Return to Oregon and California: But Protecting Them May Prove Difficult

Corvallis’ Unitarian Universalist Fellowship: No Renouncing, Denouncing, or Converting Required

Growing Your Own Meat: For the New, Sustainable Omnivore

Have a Delicious Bug! Edible (and Sustainable) Insects

Portland on the Cheap: A Day of Fun in the Big City

Culture Fail: The Oxymoron of the EcoMansion

corVallis Vanities: Comics by Jack Compere

Picks of the Week!

Calendar: March 7th – March 14th