New Issue: March 21st, 2013

In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Get Out of the Left Lane: New Bill Will Penalize Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

Bringing Barley Back to the Valley: OSU Rejuvenates Oregon’s Barley Crop, Brewers Get Amped

Portland Aquarium: No Good for Fish or Humans

Hankering for Whimsy? Drop a Yarn Bomb

Bike Activated Traffic Lights: Lean for Green

Campus Creature Census: Creatively Assessing OSU’s ‘Other-Than-Human’ Species

Corvallis’ Memorial Parks: For Love of Life and Land… Kermit E. Roth, Chip Ross, and More

The Fate of Our Local Old Growth Forests: Of Voles, Logging, and Rural Oregon Communities

Artist Profile: Chính Lê: Messages in Silk

Eradication by Mastication: Ten Edible Invasive Species in Oregon

Corvallis Writer’s Movie Features Local Talent: Mike Thomas’ Wake for Rebecca

Voices for Heroes: Local Musician Featured on Sandy Hook Compilation CD

Culture Fail: Were Conservatives Right About Canada?

corVallis Vanities: Comics by Jack Compere

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Calendar: March 21st – 28th