New Issue: January 3rd, 2013

In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Sacrificing Privacy for Convenience: Smartphones, Facebook… Pacemakers?

The Wanderlust Circus: Spectacular Antics in Corvallis

Ancient Chinese Culture Comes to OSU: Music, History, Theater, and Martial Arts Event

Authors Who Call Corvallis Home: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Young Adult… From Mountaineering to Sci Fi and More

Novelist Profile: Alison Clement… Meet Her Through Her Work

OSU Pioneers Wearable Microchips For Applications in Medicine, Communication, and More

Artist Profile: Laurel Thompson

Home-Made Hygiene: Living Poo-Free – Best for the Environment, Your Health… And Your Bank Account

Movie Review: Django Unchained – Tearing Bigotry a New One

Culture Fail: Exceptional Leaders… Why Do We Care Who They Sleep With??

Picks of the Week!

Calendar: January 3rd – 10th