Local Travelers Attached to Airport Carpet

carpetPortland International Airport has announced the design for its new carpeting. And it turns out many Oregonians are deeply attached to the old pattern.

Local travelers and others arriving at PDX have been documenting their “coming home” experience. They’ll whip out their phones or cameras and snap pictures of their feet—with the signature carpet as the backdrop.

The carpet even has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Annie Linstrom is with the Port of Portland. She says entrepreneurs have picked up on the trend.

“A local sock maker now, a t-shirt maker, and so I think people really do feel that connection to our carpet and just being home in Portland,” Linstrom says.

Linstrom says a lot of research and testing went into the new pattern. A local firm designed the carpet to be “green”, with a tribute to rivers and trails unique to the area.

The airport estimates the new carpet will be installed by 2016.

Officials don’t know yet what they’ll do with the old carpet, but say people may be able to get a piece of it.

By Sergio Cisneros for OPB, a NW News Exchange co-op member