It’s Beer:30, Corvallis! Fill-Your-Growler Pub Slated to Open in May

Beer:30 owner/operator Debbie Edwards and her daughters, Amy and Jen.

Debbie Edwards—a McMinnville native who moved to Corvallis in 1970 to attend OSU—wants to bring a sense of beer exploration to the people of Corvallis with a constantly rotating lineup of brews at her new tap room and growler-filling shop, Beer:30. While Oregon beer will feature prominently, Debbie and her daughters, Amy and Jen, want to make sure to keep things adventurous by pouring a wide range of beers, not just your six-pack standby from the grocery store.

With an impressive 24-tap system planned, the Edwards should have no problem putting together a beer list that will excite even the most jaded of local palettes. They are embracing some of the newest and coolest beer technology available; in addition to a traditional tap system for in-house pints and tastings, they are installing Pegas CrafTap beer dispensers to fill growlers. This CO2 pressurized, counter-filled system operates on the same principles as bottling plants. The Pegas fillers are incredibly clean, eliminate waste from foam-over during pouring, and create a seal when they are done, giving the beer a much longer shelf life once you get it home.

Technology will also allow customers to keep track of what’s pouring at Beer:30. With Digital Pour software, not only will there be a screen in the taproom that displays the current lineup, but information about each beer and a list of the next beers coming up in the rotation will be available online. Customers will even be able to see the level in each keg in real time so they can hurry in when one of their favorites is running low or something they have been anxiously awaiting gets tapped.

Set to open in May at 1835 SW 3rd Street, Beer:30 will have seating for about 25 split between bar and tables. Edwards envisions people stopping in to taste what’s new and grab a pint while deciding what they would like to take home in a 32 or 64 oz. growler.

Although they will not be running a full kitchen, there are plans to do some beer-appropriate munchies and even “Beer Picnic” or “Game Day” packages for one-stop shopping on your way to a beer-centric event. With a focus on helping their customers find the right beer to take home and pair with dinner, the Edwards are foodies and know how much better great beer can make a meal. They hope to collaborate with food carts for special events, and feel lucky to have Burrito Heaven only a few feet away.

With a couple of recently opened breweries, a meadery, and now two growler shops slated to open soon, it’s a good time to be a beer drinker in Corvallis. The more spoiled we get by all the great beer around here, the more we want to try—and 24 fresh taps across a wide range of styles that can be sealed up to take home sounds like a great addition.

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by Jessie Tomaino