UPDATED: Guess That Local Throne!

Although many came first, Andy Warhol cemented the relationship between art and the toilet like no other. To celebrate both fine art and the thrones that make us all into kings and queens, here at The Advocate we have a little contest for you. The first reader to successfully name the fine local establishments associated with each of these photos will earn a small hand-painted rendition of their very own bathroom scene, painted by none other than fine artist and Advocate editor Johnny Beaver. The winner will need to provide a photo for reference and allow a few weeks for completion.



Thanks to all other participants and their sometimes hilarious guesses, local restroom expert Randy Bonner was the first to deliver the correct list.

The winning answers were:

1. Block 15
2. Old World Deli/Oregon Trail Brewing
3. Jack Okoles
4. Allan Bros. / “The Beanery” on 2nd
5. Laughing Planet
6. Sunny Side Up

Stay tuned for future contests — we promise that they won’t involve toilets, at least for a while!

by Kristen Daly