Free Weekly Yoga for Teens at Live Well Yoga Studio

yoga-anonymous-greenJust when you think you’re starting to enjoy adulthood, something inevitably pops up that makes adolescence seem not so bad. In this case, the culprits can be found at Live Well Yoga Studio, which offers free weekly yoga to teens. My first thought was, “How about free yoga for unemployed college grads!?” But, I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

For the first five years of its conception, free teen yoga was led by a local non-profit called Reach Out Yoga, a group dedicated to bringing yoga to at-risk individuals. Since then, co-owner of Live Well, Lisa Wells, PhD, has kept free teen yoga alive. Lisa began teaching teens with behavioral challenges at Linus Pauling Middle School. She was thrilled by their ability to focus on the poses, calm their minds, and improve their breathing and concentration. Free teen yoga has been ongoing for seven years. Lisa and the other teachers love the enthusiasm the kids bring to class.

Classes are open to all teens with or without previous yoga experience. A rotating schedule of volunteer teachers gives students the opportunity to experience different teaching styles. Classes can be energizing, relaxing, or both. Free teen yoga takes place on Thursdays at 4 p.m. at Live Well Yoga Studio at 971 NW Spruce. Try not to get too jealous—Live Well offers a variety of excellent class options for the non-teen population as well.

By Maria Brown

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