Fishing With Magnets on the Willamette River

fishingWhen Richard Arterbury discovered an abundance of litter in the Willamette River he decided to do something about it. “After Fishing one day and seeing glass bottle tops and metal of all kinds I decided to float this section [of the Willamette] and fish with magnets to remove as much metal as I could find.” Arterbury states his OceanBlueProject Beach and Riverside cleanup program has adopted this particular section of the Willamette River and he plans to dedicate three years on awareness of this project to keep bottles off the river. Volunteers are needed October 27th to help in this unique clean up. The river is calling your name.

Arterbury is partnering with Solve a non-profit organization that brings Oregonians together through volunteering to restore our state’s natural spaces. Arterbury emphasized the importance of his partnership with Solve and gratitude to the community for help with his cause. Arterbury plans to make art from all found metal items. 

“The OceanBlueProject coordinates many wonderful projects like Beach and Riverside cleanups all over the state,” says Arterbury. For more information email

Don’t miss this opportunity to share the joy of community while working for a cause that will positively impact one of the Willamette Valley’s key resources! Check it all out at Willamette Park – Crystal Lake Boat Ramp, 3rd St., Corvallis. October 27th from11 a.m. – 2 p.m. You can also register online at or sign up in person at 10 a.m. on day of event. There is no minimum age for volunteering. For any registration questions please contact Kaleen Boyle at 503.844.9571 x332.

by Mandy Clark

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