da Vinci Days to Reinvent Itself… Festival Suspended for 2014 Season

dvd_llogo_colorToday,  the da Vinci Days board of directors announced they have voted unanimously to suspend their operations while volunteers, festival leaders and other members of the community unite in a planning and assessment process that will determine the event’s future. The immediate result of this is that there will be no da Vinci Days festival this coming summer of 2014.

In the words of current board president Michael Dalton, “Our choice simply is to reconnect with the community to ask what would Leonardo da Vinci do? After all, da Vinci is not only our festival’s namesake, but he was western civilization’s most noted inventor and a foremost Renaissance artist. We think the answer is that he would imagine the future, not the past, and he would innovate.”

Although financial issues are nothing new for any non-profit out there, Dalton assures the community that this change is not about money. In its 25th year, the festival will be simply taking the route of its namesake and seeking a way to expand in positive and exciting new directions. Although part of making this change happen requires a momentary pause in operations, Corvallisites may very well still see groups that normally operate from within da Vinci Days host an event of their own during this temporary off season.

da Vinci Days leaders will continue their monthly meetings and in the spirit of community they are opening up the drawing board to all who would volunteer their time to help shape the future of the festival. If you’re interested in being a part of shaping da Vinci Day’s future, you can contact their office at 541-757-636 (although they say offices will close as of October 31st), or via davinci@davinci-days.org. Donations are also still being accepted at PO Box 1883, Corvallis, OR 97339.

by Johnny Beaver