At the 25th Annual Chocolate Fantasy Event, Corvallisites Showed Up In Style

Curtis Kiefer

At last Friday’s 25th Annual Chocolate Fantasy, a celebration of the Arts Center’s 50th anniversary, our community really showed up in style! Talented chocolatiers brought their A games, stunning art filled nearby galleries, and Corvallisites soaked it all in…

Curtis Kiefer looked quite dashing in yellow and black.

Liz Ivester said, “I ate too much! It’s my first event like this since moving here; it’s great to see how many people showed up.”

Chris Bell PhD, husband of Elizabeth Bell, organizer of the Chocolate Fantasy event, commented, “This is a great event for the Corvallis community, not just for the people who like art but for the people who need art.”

Kooky Habarad quipped, “The gelato was my favorite! Also, my feet hurt.”

Ellen Mange (right) claimed, “I ate so much chocolate I’m going to die.”

Josephine Zarkovich, wife of David Huff, Executive Director of the Arts Center exclaimed, “The energy tonight is addictive.”

Mark Reploeg added, “It was all wonderful.”

James Lester thought, “This is a strange event, I’m from England. It’s got sophistication, and everyone’s having a good time.”

Randall Milstein reflected, “We lost some city funding with the budget cuts of course… We want to have art education for children in Corvallis. We want arts programs at the Arts Center for kids and for adults too; and we also want more great exhibitions like Julie Green’s, and to do that requires funding… Art in Corvallis is important.”

Rhoda Fleischman, “Dancing Jar” artist (clay and canvas), chirped, “It was fun, it was a blast. I danced from one chocolate place to the next. There were some nice pairings, like basil and chocolate.”

The Advocate wishes hearty congratulations on 50 years to the Arts Center, and here’s to a stupendous 50 more!

Photos and quotes collected by Mica Habarad

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