3rd Annual ‘Buy Local First’ Event Kicks Off November 30th

buy local firstIt’s a simple concept, really. If you buy local, your money tends to stay local. You buy Jim’s Donut, and then Jim comes to you in tears when his blast processor goes out and you promptly repair it – you getting some of that same donut money back. Eventually, you’ll earn a free donut. Multiply this by hundreds of thousands of interactions and what you’ve got is a lot more than a mountain of donuts. To celebrate a more eloquent version of this concept, the Buy Local First campaign will be launching its third year this holiday season with two events and at least 34 participating businesses.

The first is on Saturday, November 30th. You’ll be able to visit participating businesses for “special treats, sales, or discounts,” according to their website. Each location will put you in the running for winning something in the annual Holiday Contest.

Then there’s the Holiday Contest itself, lasting from the 30th right up until December 8th. Throughout this time you can shop at the participating businesses and enter to win gift cards or other merchandise from Corvallis Independent Business Alliance members. Eventually all entries will be drawn and there will be many winners.

Whether you’re in it to win it or not, spending your dollars locally is an opportunity to create positive change in the Corvallis community, including those financial, social and even environmental. By sticking together and helping each other thrive, our city will grow in positive directions.

For more information, don’t hesitate to visit http://sustainablecorvallis.org/action-teams/economic-vitality/buy-local-first/.

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