It’s Pizza Time: Enough Choices to Choke a Ninja Turtle

Who doesn’t like pizza? Weird people, that’s who. Unless you don’t, of course… you’re alright. You’ve got an Advocate in your hand, after all! For those of us really into it, though, Corvallis has enough options to keep the cheese flowing all year round.

pizzaPapa’s Pizza
1030 SW 3rd St.

With a very diverse menu and copious gluten-free options, Papa’s is popular for a reason. Have a kid that loves pizza? Papa’s is known by locals as a great place to throw them a birthday party. Let the little whippersnappers run around while you hang out with friends and enjoy a slice.

Sides: Salad bar, breadsticks, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, potato wedges, cheese bread, sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, applesauce

American Dream
2525 NW Monroe Ave.,  214 SW 2nd St.

A downtown landmark to some degree, American Dream offers a great selection of classic and off-the-beaten-path pies—even offering a gluten-free option on certain days (check with your location). The downtown Dream is connected to the Crowbar, which is like a double extra bonus. You can even order from inside the bar, or up on the roof!

Sides: Salads, calzones, bread sticks, cookies

Woodstock’s Pizza
1045 NW Kings Blvd.

Another one of Corvallis’ favorites, the pricier but so-worth-it delicious Woodstock’s has been servicing the community here for around the 30-year mark. Great pizza and a connected tavern / laundromat. Throw in a cot and you could practically live there.

Sides: Hot Beaver Wings, Cinn-Sticks, breadsticks and cheesesticks, salads, mini pizzas

Pizza Pipeline
932 NW Kings Blvd.

Want a good, cheap, fast pizza with great service? This is where you go to get it. You really can’t go wrong with a parlor that serves something called “Cheese to the 7th Power.” The first time I had pizza pipeline was in Eugene—it turned wandering around while lost into a pleasant experience.

Sides: Chicken bites, breadsticks, dessert pizza, winds, cheese bread, salads, subs

919 NW Circle Blvd.

Cirello’s is a great pizza place out near the HP campus that has been serving Corvallis for over 30 years. Offering some tasty original pizzas like the Circle Boulevard and Merry Berry, there is also a gluten-free option and some seasonal choices as well.

Sides: Salad bar, pizza squares, calzones, breadsticks, subs, chips, garlic bread

Papa Murphy’s
960 NW Circle Blvd.

The Pacific Northwest’s take-n-bake king, Papa Murphy is a good choice if you want to grab a delicious pizza for later—or if you want to go all mad scientist on one with peanut butter and mustard. But really, it’s quite good, and can get you into that home-made territory.

Sides: Salads, cheese bread, cookie dough, cinnamon wheels, dessert pizza

820 NW 9th St.

Hanging out on 9th Street, Cibelli’s is hailed by a lot of locals as being nearly perfect New York-style pizza. That’s a bold claim, but it seems to be backed up by an army.

Sides: Pizzone (a calzone), breadsticks, cheese sticks, salads, ice cream

Market of Choice
922 NW Circle Blvd.

Although obviously not a pizza place, it deserves an honorary mention because the pizza it does make is really good. Always with three to five or so kinds on tap, it can be a bit pricey at $3 to $5 a slice, but they definitely nail the New York thing.

Did we miss anything? If so, please let us know in the comments below!

By Johnny Beaver