Hidden Foodie Finds: The Best of Corvallis – Right Under Your Nose

Every town has a hidden menu, little restaurants and bistros tucked away where only locals know where to find them. In the case of Corvallis, these are some of our true treasures.

Bento Express
1425 NW Monroe Ave., Ste. F

A tiny restaurant with minimal seating and an out-of-place mural. Oh yeah, and it’s almost always packed. Why? Simple put, it’s some of the best Chinese food you can get. On earth. Huge, inexpensive portions. But be warned: they don’t take cards.

Natalia and Cristoforo’s
351 NW Jackson Ave., Ste. 2

Tucked away across the street from the Courthouse is the best deli sandwich you’ll find in Corvallis, and possibly in the Willamette Valley. Fresh meats and cheeses piled high with crisp vegetables on baguette or hoagie buns. Though they might lose a popularity contest with Subway, it’s apples and oranges. Or in this case, fantastic local sandwiches, and mass produced cardboard.

Squirrels Tavern
100 SW 2nd St.

Squirrel’s Tavern looks like just another bar in the middle of downtown… but the menu is one of the best-kept secrets in Corvallis. Standard pub food—burgers and chips, sandwiches, and mind-blowing specials. Sometimes it’s pot roast, other nights pork chops with mashed potatoes. It’s all delicious. The meats are always tender and juicy, and sides are always plentiful and full of flavor. It’s not fancy or complicated, it’s just awesome. Squirrel’s takes meat and potatoes fare to a whole new level.

Kim Hoas Kitchen
1875 NW Circle Blvd.

The staff is friendly, and the walls are full of family photos. Vietnamese food done very well; salad rolls, curry, steamed pork buns, and more. Kim Hoa’s is beloved to many because of its pho; a beef noodle soup that is popular in Vietnamese cuisine. The process to make it authentically is complicated and time consuming, so don’t miss out.

Alley Gyros

Alley Gyros

Alley Gyros

121 SW 3rd St.

Brilliant street food. Gyros, falafel, fries, veggies and other toppings. Sometimes controversial on sites like Yelp, the negative marks seem to come from people that don’t realize the inclusion of fried potatoes as a traditional part of the gyro – first world problems. Don’t be fooled, the food here is fantastic and unique. A perfect thing to snag while exploring downtown.

Delicias Valley Cafe

933 NW Circle Blvd.

Easily one of, if not THE best Mexican restaurants in Corvallis. Everything from classic Nachos and Fajitas to a selection of five different burgers and beyond. Great ingredients, excellent cooks, friendly staff. They have an extensive – and I mean huge – breakfast menu, from which they serve all day. Can’t be beat.

Evergreen Indian Restaurant

136 SW 3rd St.

Great Indian has always seemed hard to find, but luckily for us, in Evergreen, Indian food loving Corvallisites can gorge to their hearts desire. Perfect food, reasonable prices, open 7 days a week. Glowing reviews.

 By Johnny Beaver and Magdalen O’Reilly