Fear Not, Sushi Lovers! Corvallis Has All the Sticky Rice Balls You Crave

A potential local tragedy, Corvallis only has four places to get fresh sushi. Luckily for those of us that like the little ricey compartments of joy, every one of them is worth going to at least once.

sushiArguably the most popular, Sada Sushi & Izakaya dominates the Google ratings. It has a nice comfortable, dark environment that you walk down into—very relaxing, in this writer’s opinion. The selection is pretty much what you’d expect in the food and drink department, although there are some interesting originals on the Makizushi menu, such as the Godzilla Roll, Ninja Roll, and the Crunchy Lobster, which sounds, well, crunchy indeed. Located at 151 NW Monroe Avenue.

Next up is the close-to-campus favorite, Shogun Bowl. Located at 4146 NW Monroe Avenue, it’s a great, super affordable place if you want to grab a few rolls but don’t feel like threatening your legs into biking downtown. Those asked swear by the tofu, and highly recommend calling the order in ahead of time to avoid a wait. The Beaver and Shogun rolls come highly recommended.

Up next at 122 NW 3rd Street downtown is Aomatsu Sushi & Grill. A fun environment that feels both inviting and vibrant, this fact is reflected in the menu, with rolls such as the Playboy, Beaver Balls, and the infamous Crunch Monster. At first glance a bit more extensive than some of the other choices in the Makizushi department—if you have ever wanted to try a roll of flying fish eggs, just ask for the Tobiko.

Last but not least, my own personal favorite, Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. Like Sada, a very nice sit down restaurant with everything you might be looking for on the menu. The sushi is excellent, the spring rolls mouth-watering, and the miso soup is perfect—not to mention vegetarian friendly. If you head straight in and sit near the bar, you might see some doomed crustaceans dancing about the tanks. You can find yourself there downtown at 250 SW 3rd Street.

By Johnny Beaver