Corvallis Coffee Kingdom: Tasty Brews, Study-Friendly Atmospheres…

coffeeWant to get out and douse yourself in a little friendly caffeine, but need to cram? Or maybe you just want to grab a brew and read a book? Corvallis has a plethora of choices – we suggest trying them all!

Coffee Culture, 1195 NW Kings Blvd.

Although Coffee Culture has three locations around town, the one you’re after for a nice sit down is the Roastery on Kings. Although they tend to close a bit earlier than other places – at 6 or 7pm – it’s a great locale if you’re looking to remove yourself from campus life a little bit. Excellent coffee at reasonable prices and nice outdoor seating coupled with well-made espresso = hard to beat.

Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Blvd.

A Corvallis favorite, Imagine is notably friendly, spacious, comfortable and has great incarnations of that brown stuff you like to drink so much. Located just outside of downtown, they offer a limited but delicious menu – try the gluten free waffle sandwich if you get a chance – and some cool coffee treats, such as the fabled Eskimocha. Conference rooms are available and there’s an excellent flyer and business card area if you want to dig around or leave your own references.

Francescos, 208 SW 2nd Street

Everyone in town knows Francesco’s serves up amazing, home-made gelato—but it’s also a great coffee place in its own right. Electrical outlets abound for the laptop-bringer, and a less-trafficked upstairs balcony provides a refuge from the gelato-happy crowds. Most drinks come with a chocolate-covered coffee bean or two for good measure. For a real treat, try their affogato, an espresso poured over gelato.

Interzone, 1563 NW Monroe Avenue

For late-night studying near campus, head to Interzone—this local café is open until midnight. Some of the larger tables will easily accommodate study groups. Enjoy organic (and often vegan) breakfast and lunch foods, and some seriously delicious coffees. Interzone is relatively small, and the atmosphere is quiet, cozy, and very friendly. You’ll find wifi and outlets, not to mention some stunning mural art.

New Morning Bakery, 219 SW 2nd Street

If you have a lot of studying to do, head to New Morning Bakery—get comfy with their wide tables, excellent wifi, ample seating, and delicious coffee. Outlets are available near some tables closest to the street, and all of the staff here is super friendly. While lunch crowds here can get a bit noisy, you won’t have to deal with blaring music. And you can easily recharge with their delectable display of fresh, baked-in-house treats, from lasagna and salads to cakes and cinnamon rolls.

The Monroe Avenue Beanery, 2541 NW Monroe Avenue

For close-to-campus coffee options, don’t miss the Beanery on Monroe Avenue. Grab lunch, a newspaper, and a coffee—their unique espresso is hand-pulled! While this café is popular, it’s also quite cozy, and you’ll usually find an open table. You won’t find many outlets for your laptop, but otherwise it’s a nice quiet place to get your work done, and their wifi is super-reliable.

The 2nd Street Beanery, 500 SW 2nd Street

The 2nd Street Beanery is perhaps the most social coffee place in town. The large tables foster discussions even among strangers. Cozy chairs, wifi, and a wide selection of caffeinated drinks make it a welcoming place to study or spend time on your laptop—provided there aren’t too many other people plugged into the available working outlets. As for the drinks, nothing beats a Beanery Borgia with its whipped cream and signature curl of orange peel.

By Jen Matteis, Genevieve Weber, and Johnny Beaver