About This Issue

plateFrom that sublime hole-in-the-wall that only the longtime locals know about to humbly launched new places that deserve a cheer – Corvallis brims with many a food and drink possibility; but therein lays the challenge, to determine which ones may be good.

But then there is the question of who is deciding what constitutes ‘good,’ and that is where we get into methodology and what this issue of The Advocate is arranged to do – and what it is not.  First, we did not want to be the server that presumptuously announces the Mahi Mahi as the preferred dish to someone that may be looking for something more savory that evening, so this is not a ‘Best Of’ issue.  Also, going by numbers alone, Panda Express will move more food than Corvallis’ beloved Bento Express, so democracy be damned, we elected not to seek nominations or votes.

This issue of The Advocate is sort of like asking a group of friends where they like to go, you’ll get more than one answer for the same thing, but some will be real gems.  One caveat; it is the job of Advocate staff to be opinionated and they have visited a lot of places this last year – and some still do not realize that the Frangelica coffee at New Morning absolutely rules and that it has to be black, and those people would be wrong, just saying.

Have a local favorite that we didn’t mention? Feel free to comment on our website, or search for us on Facebook to join the discussion!