New Organic Market Coming Soon: Natural Grocers Chooses Corvallis

grocersCorvallis is about to see yet another organic grocery store added to its ranks as construction has begun on a new building at the Sunset Shopping Center in southwest Corvallis (5270 SW Philomath Blvd). Natural Grocers, a national chain of organic, all-natural grocery stores, will be opening its latest store in the building next to Campbell’s Laundry. This will mark the fifth location to be opened up in Oregon, with other locations in the state including Portland and Salem.

The store will become another addition to the ever-growing market of healthy living choices in Corvallis. The company’s website says that they hope to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition in the green market by stating, “While we are flattered by all the imitation, we encourage you to ask your food market about just what’s in the food they sell.”

Either way, in a limited area that already hosts well established businesses such as Market Of Choice, First Alternative, Trader Joes and the like, Natural Grocers will have much to compete with.

Corvallis Residents will soon be able to check out Natural Grocers and see how they stack up for themselves. The new store’s opening is currently slated for December.

By John Rosales