No More Tunes at the Beanery: ASCAP Pressure Strikes Again

ascapAs some of you may have heard already, The Beanery will no longer be booking live music for their patrons to enjoy. According to a representative, the reasoning lays partially in that corporate management didn’t believe the cost to benefit ratio was high enough. Cost, you say? Yes, The Beanery actually paid artists, which a lot of venues don’t. A paying venue is a terrible thing to lose in any music scene.

The other, much more nefarious end of things is that with nine Beanery locations, management didn’t want to continue paying ASCAP fees. ASCAP, a non-profit that claims it protects artists’ copyrights, though some argue over-zealously. Although a total figure wasn’t immediately available, it was enough to warrant shutting down the operation altogether. Would it have made a difference if ASCAP wasn’t present? Who knows – however it certainly wouldn’t have hurt.

By Johnny Beaver