Culture Fail: More War, Please…

bombIt should come as no surprise that politicians never actually deliver on campaign promises and being a laureate for the Nobel Peace prize doesn’t actually mean anything, but in Barack Obama we have a quintessential example of both aphorisms.

Elected, and narrowly reelected, on a platform of opposition to ‘“dumb wars”, a desire to rebuild Main St instead of enriching Wall St,  and nominated for the peace prize for ostensibly not being George W Bush, Obama rode into the White House on a wave of hype and populist rhetoric that has only been surpassed by smartphone launches.

In much the same way as the previous president engaged in foreign policy, via trying to spread democracy from the barrel of a gun, this president has continued, and expanded on, the policies he campaigned against.

From failing to close Guantanamo, expanding the war in Afghanistan,  unilaterally engaging in Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen, dramatically increasing the number and severity of drone strikes including the targeted assassinations three American citizens,  and presiding over the continued expansion of the security state, to failing to prosecute Wall St bankers and turning health care reform into yet another giveaway to big business through a private insurance mandate, this president has failed to deliver on any of his campaign promises.

To make matters worse this Peace Laureate wanted to, without UN approval, engage in the Syrian civil war because of the use of chemical weapons. Never mind that over 100 thousand had died before the supposed use of these weapons and never mind that the US currently maintains one of the worlds largest stockpiles of these nefarious weapons, we must engage now, to, “protect the Syrian people”.

Whom would we support? The most organized group, the Al Nusra Front, is an umbrella group aligned with Al Qaeda and financially backed by the Saudi Royal family, who just so happens to think Alawites, the sect Assad hails from, are apostates.

The Free Syrian Army? That fractured confederacy, run by exiles not even on the ground in Syria, of slightly less extremist groups who only want to end western influence in the region? Yea, they sound like a reliable ally.

There’s always the Muslim Brotherhood, but they didn’t do particularly well at governing Egypt.

But who cares, we need to send a message that only we get to use…ERM, no one gets to use chemical weapons. If you want to kill your own people you have to do it the old fashion way, with an American made gun.

Like a politician shilling for increased authoritarianism claims to be protecting the children, this president claims he wants to protect the Syrian people, but he’s just shilling for more American interventionism. What is patently obvious  to anyone who looks, is that this is yet another US led, for profit, war of aggression.

The people who stand to gain the most from a US lead engagement are not the Syrian people, many of whom would be collateral damage in our Tomahawk Missile Strikes, but rather the weapons manufactures and vested energy interests in the region. Pipelines and quarterly earnings reports trump human lives every time.

For a so called liberal, this president sure does act like your typical Wall St owned warmongering politician.

By William Tatum