Corvallis Noisemakers Takes Off: Nearly 150 Members Sharing, Discussing and Collaborating

noisemakersCorvallis Noisemakers, the new local music group founded just a few weeks ago is blossoming into a serious haven for those connected to the local seen. Meeting on Facebook, the intention is to network the various musicians, composers, recording engineers, promoters, etc. together in a way that would help everyone involved collaborate and cross-promote.

The group has grown to nearly 150 members and has become a go-to place for everything from finding out about shows to asking advice on hosting music online, to sharing new releases or music-relevant articles. The depth of content and interaction has become much deeper than expected at this stage, which just serves to prove the point that the Corvallis music scene is rich, vibrant, and full of talent and experience. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far!

If you or anyone you know is in a band, books for a venue, or is involved in music in any way, the group is open and readily accepting new members. To check it out, either search for “Corvallis Noisemakers” on Facebook, or visit

By Johnny Beaver