Oregon GOP Elects New Chairman… And It’s That Guy Who Wants to Irradiate Us

artBy just three votes, Art Robinson plopped himself down into the state’s GOP Chairman position this passed Saturday, August 10th. Despite further challenges from dissenting party leaders, it appears as if state GOP members should buckle up for the long haul.

You may know Art Robinson from his election ads peppered along rural highways, or his perhaps ironically titled book “Common Sense in 2012” (which was mailed to Oregonians without request), or even as Peter Defazio’s de facto political punching bag—but do you know the real Art Robinson? Probably not. Here’s your chance.

“All we need do with nuclear waste is dilute it to a low radiation level and sprinkle it over the ocean – or even over America after hor-mesis is better understood and verified with respect to more diseases.”
– Art Robinson, 1997

Yikes… but, that was a long time ago.

“It is unfortunate that this [radioactive, Tritium-contaminated water] under San Onofre [a CA nuclear power plant] is being wasted. If we could use it to enhance our own drinking water here in Oregon, where background radiation is low, it would hormetically enhance our resistance to degenerative diseases. Alas, this would be against the law.”
– Art Robinson, 2006.

Oh my. Well, he’s referring to the hormesis hypothesis, which states that low-level exposure to radioactivity can actually lead to some health benefits. Unfortunately, the United States National Research Council, United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements the Harvard School of Public Health and many more, well… all those guys and gals think the idea of spraying radiation over ourselves and putting it in the drinking water is looney. No threshold has been found where the purposeful application of radioactive elements has been high enough to help while low enough to not turn us into either cancer victims or The Toxic Avenger. Alas, big business will have to continue to pay for its waste cleanup without us swallowing it.

I could also go into how Robinson believes that global warming is actually good for us, or how science can’t actually connect HIV to AIDS (yes, there is such a thing as an HIV/AIDS denier), or myriad other off the wall and frankly dangerous concepts, but I believe the picture has been painted.

The GOP can do better than this, and with the Democratic party leading by over 180,000 registered voters, they literally have got to.

By Johnny Beaver