New Issue: August 15th, 2013


In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Tim Blackburn Crosses Over to the Dark Side: Local Artist Sets Up Nigh-Permanent Show At Darkside Theater

8th Annual Bard in the Quad Set to Run This Weekend: Featuring Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors… Jersey Shore Style?

Gay-Straight Alliance Missing From Philomath: High School Transfers Can Make Life Easier for Gay Students

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: What Has the Oregon Medical Board Been Smoking?

Shalimar Digs Deep: We’ve All Heard That They’re Back, But Are They Fun?

More Bang For Your Buck: Female Condoms Highly Effective, Yet Hard to Find

New Corvallis Tech Businesses Take Off: OSU’s Venture Accelerator Launches 12 New Startups

Harris Bridge Vineyard: Beautiful Surroundings and Specialty Wines in Philomath

Simmering Under the Surface: Corvallis’ Music Scene Thrives Despite Disorder; Noisemakers to the Rescue

Itchin’ For An Outing… But Low On Funds?

Artist Profile: Hollie Murphy… Surrealism and Expressionism Combine To Forge A New World

Attention: Sweaty Movie Lovers… Escape the Heat and Catch a Great (or Not so Great) Flick

Review: Tech N9ne’s Something Else… A Transformative Record For Indie Rap’s New Champion

Culture Fail: Corvallis Service… East Coaster Says Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

A Corvallis Advocate Haiku

The Evolution of Identity Politics By Jack Compere

Calendar Picks of the Week!

Calendar: August 15th – August 22nd