Where Are They Now?… Hobby Lobby, Cupcakes and the SAGE Garden Hoe Down

cupcakeBack in January, the Advocate “culture failed” crafting giant Hobby Lobby’s legal efforts to duck out of covering contraceptives in its Obamacare health plan, and noted boycotting would be easy since the store didn’t have a presence in Oregon. That is set to change in 2014; for now you can check out Albany’s (currently empty) Hobby Lobby storefront at the Heritage Mall. Hobby Lobby is noted for its relatively good wages as well as its devoted religious conservatism—the corporation even stays shuttered on Sundays.

In late May, we interviewed Sha Sha Willems, one half of the cupcake duo making up BFF Cupcakes, who plan to bring a mobile cupcake stand to downtown. Readers were encouraged to look for the cupcakes in June, but we (and our taste buds) are sad to report that BFF Cupcakes will take a little longer to hit the streets. Check the company’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/BestFriendsWithCupcakes, for updates and cupcake availability.

Last month we talked a bit about the SAGE Garden Hoe Down, which sought sponsors to help produce its dream—live local music performances at the Bruce Starker Arts Park amphitheater, with audience donations going to the Edible Corvallis Initiative’s SAGE Garden, which provides tons of Corvallis-grown produce to local families. The Hoe Down went off without a hitch, with the two performance nights—July 11 and 25—collecting a total of over $3,500 for the SAGE Garden. Hoe Down founder Karen DeWolfe expects to recreate the event next year.

A couple weeks ago we reviewed Netflix’s original series Orange Is the New Black, and said it was awesome. We’re happy to report it’s still awesome.

By Mica Habarad