New Issue: August 8th, 2013


In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Interzone Hits the Big One-Five: One of Corvallis’ Favorite Spots Celebrates at 2 p.m., August 10th

Majestic Theatre Turns 100: Portland Cello Project Headlines, August 10th

Take a Bite Outta Benton: Fantastic Local Music and Food in the Park, August 10th

Where Are They Now?… Hobby Lobby, Cupcakes and the SAGE Garden Hoe Down

We Always Knew This Day Would Come… Our Dream of Brain-to-Brain Interfacing with Rats Comes True

Samaritan Backhands Nurses: Don’t like Your Schedule? Have Worse

A Day in the Life of a Caregiver: Low Wages, Long Hours and Incredible Responsibility

Entrepreneurship: Hawaii Be Damned! Corvallisite Cloud Davidson Discusses Risk Management and Change

So, OSU Chooses a Governing Board?… Here Are Some of the Pros & Cons

Artist Profile: Miriam Morrissette… Keeping the Abstract Expressionist Tradition Alive in Corvallis

Surviving The Apocalypse (and other minor hiccups)

God Forgives… Audiences Don’t: Refn’s Newest Flick Far Too Good to Be Taking This Much Flak

Culture Win: The New Sharing Economy… Collaborative Consumption Provides Solutions for Eco-Conscious Citizens

The Sky is Gray and White and Cloudy by Jack Compere

Calendar Picks of the Week!

Calendar: August 8th – August 15th