Interzone Hits the Big One-Five: One of Corvallis’ Favorite Spots Celebrates at 2 p.m., August 10th


Photo by Genevieve Weber

If you’d welcomed your first child during the same summer local alternative hotspot Interzone opened its doors for the first time, that child would now be in the throes of puberty, angrily popping her zits and snidely correcting your woeful techno jargon (“It’s SnapChat, Dad, not the SnapChat. Uggggh.”). Thankfully, a groovy coffeehouse like Interzone, with it’s alternative papers (it carries not only the Advocate, but anarchist publication Slingshot), quirky art showcases (who can forget the Monsters in Thrift Stores exhibit?), and damn good vanilla soy lattes, ages a little better than the average American teenager.

To Bill and Iris McCanless, founders and owners of Interzone, I salute you.  More than one Advocate article has been written at your tables; more than one vegan breakfast has been downed before hitting the Saturday Market, and more than one godawful term paper has been hastily finished just before your midnight closing, I’m sure. To celebrate it’s 15th anniversary, Interzone will have live music starting at 2pm on Saturday the 10th. Bands include David Dondero, the Angries, Brown Town, and Virgil Shaw. Stop by to see what the fuss is about—and may I recommend trying some of their damn fine coffee?

By Mica Habarad