The Hunt Continues… Birdwell Declines Position, Majestic Looks Forward

Majestic-TheatreIf you read last week’s issue of The Corvallis Advocate and were looking forward to a press release announcing a new Executive Director, you may need to wait a little while longer. The Majestic Theater’s first choice was current Business Manager and Community Liaison Christel Birdwell, but after much deliberation she has chosen to decline the offer.

Dan Rayfield, President of the Majestic’s board of directors, says that although Ms. Birdwell declined the position, their search for a new ED continues without skipping a beat. “We had already opened the position and gathered numerous applications… We’re literally going to be going back over those applications just like we would if we were going back over them for the first time.” He says they’ll be thorough. “What we want to do is make sure that we take the time necessary to fill the position with the right person. Whatever time it takes to get the right person, that’s what we’ll do. It’s a collective decision among the board, and I’m just one of many voices… We try and make our decisions collaboratively, so it’s not just one person leading the charge.”

By Seth Aronson