The Gyms of Corvallis: Great Local Options for Workout Enthusiasts of All Kinds

There are numerous gyms in Corvallis; finding the establishment that best fits your schedule, budget, and fitness goals is an important undertaking for the exercise-inclined. For novices unfamiliar with gym culture, the sheer number of options and things to consider can seem intimidating. Each one of our gyms in town have a different feel to them, and the best way to sort out what works for you is to take a tour. However, in an effort to ease the decision process, here are some of the qualities and selling points of the various gyms in Corvallis.

workoutTimberhill Athletic Club – 2855 NW 29th St

Timberhill Athletic Club (or TAC) boasts 65,000 square feet of space, offering a ton of options that include basketball, volleyball, and even pickleball courts, multiple pools (the only place in town that even has a pool), six racquetball courts and one squash court — plus frequent racquetball and handball tournaments for serious players. The weight/cardio room is spacious and the fitness staff and personal trainers are helpful. There is a large playroom for kids, and the gym offers many leagues and activities specifically for youths. The pricing is a bit up there, offering a monthly student due of $70, going right on up to a $500 joining fee and $141 a month for complete use of the facilities by a family. But with such a fully featured facility, it is worth every penny.

Snap Fitness – 948 NW Circle Blvd.

With two locations, one in the Sunset Shopping Center and one on Circle Boulevard, Snap Fitness offers 24-hour service to both north and south Corvallis. There are no contracts to sign upon joining, only a $39.85 month-to-month fee (with possible discounts for students and certain corporate offices). Though not huge in terms of floor space, Snap offers all the classic free weights, cardio equipment, and cable machines (and private showers!) that you could desire. Extra helpful is the Easy-Fit belt clip given to all new members, a great tool for those interested in charting their fitness progress. The Easy-Fit tracks your activity levels as you work out and can be plugged right into your computer to upload data to your custom Snap Fitness webpage (free for all new members).

Downing’s Gym – 1820 SW 3rd St

Since 1983, Downing’s has been Corvallis’ premier “classic” gym, offering the only platforms for Olympic-style powerlifting between Creswell and Portland. There are chalk and bumper plates for deadlifts, high intensity training equipment, and dumbbells up to 150 pounds; clearly, lifting at Downing’s is a serious endeavor for the tough and dedicated, as evidenced by the fact that national-level strongmen and bodybuilders are denizens of the location. You can even engage in the sort of power lift training here that other gyms might be uncomfortable with. However, don’t let the reputation and the intimidating equipment drive you away; there is a free trial week for new members and experienced staff ready to help with everything from lifting technique to nutrition plans. Personal trainers are available, and they also offer group fitness classes, such as Zumba. Regular rates ate about $40-50 a month, or $25-29 fi you’re a student.

SamFit – 777 NW Ninth St, Suite 310

The newest of the Corvallis gyms, SamFit has a good variety of machines and charges no enrollment fees for new members; they also don’t bother you for long-term commitments. Aiming to put “health first; gym second,” SamFit is a different sort of gym. They are open 24 hours a day and promises membership for as low as a little over a dollar per day. There are popular fitness classes like Zumba, yoga, and spinning, private showers as well as weights for those interested in lifting (although arguably a bit limited in that area). Because of its connection with Good Samaritan, SamFit offers unrivaled health coaching and education from a variety of specialists. Choose the optional Wellness Package and receive a highly discounted annual health risk assessment, which includes a complete blood panel and other clinical tests.

Wow Fitness – 327 SW 3rd St

While not the largest of the Corvallis gyms, it certainly compensates by because our only downtown option and provides numerous incentives for signing up, as well as a plethora of monthly specials. Interested in the more classic form of massage? There’s a special discount for that, too. Wow Fitness exudes an aura of fun; the website has a “WOW! Biceps” section for those looking to flaunt their well-earned guns. There is free day care for children, free enrollment for senior citizens, a sauna, a Pilates studio, and a 2,500 square-foot weight room equipped with state-of-the-art FreeMotion Machines; choices are obviously a big deal at Wow. People who know they can only work out on certain days of the month due to their work schedule can sign up for discounted flex memberships for as low as $25 a month. Throw in group classes and you’ve got a great all around location to maintain your health.

Anytime Fitness – 955 NW Kings Blvd

Anytime Fitness is literally never not open – as a member, you really have no excuse not to find time to work out. An Anytime Fitness membership earns you Anywhere Club Access to the thousands of fitness centers around the United States. The monthly dues cost less than “a daily cup of coffee throughout the month,” and each new member is awarded a free personal fitness orientation. Members are also given access to Anytime Health, an online resource that allows you to track your weight loss, calories burned, and fitness goals. Anytime Fitness also offers a free trial week for those curious about signing up. The private bathrooms with showers don’t hurt, either – and you’ll need them after sweating it out on any number of their treadmills, cycles, stairclimbers, amts, arc trainers, free weights, racks, etc.

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By Stuart White