Kyle DeVaul Takes Art Center Helm: A New Director, Drawn by Corvallis’ Community, Strong Arts Reputation

Kyle DeVaul, new executive director at The Arts Center, just finished up her first week in Corvallis and in her new position.

KYLE-DeVaulThe reputation of The Arts Center, its strong place in the community, and Corvallis itself drew her to town. “I moved to Oregon to live in a community like Corvallis. It was a perfect fit for me,” she said.

“What also drew me to Corvallis were the amazing people that work here. It was a great job, but then when I met the people involved, that was the thing that really cinched it for me.”

DeVaul has close to 20 years of experience in arts administration. She moved to Corvallis from Hood River and an executive director position at Columbia Center for the Arts. Before that she lived in Maine, working with the Summer Festival of the Arts, Parks & People Foundation, Everyman Theatre, and Penobscot Theatre.

She said that community art centers are incredibly important especially in smaller communities like Corvallis. “Culture is important to every community. When you have space like this it creates a cultural hub,” said DeVaul. “That’s really why I took the job.”

DeVaul’s already been busy her first week, getting to know the staff and board, and diving into budgets. Her first major goal, though, is to get to know the community.

“Our programs are so strong. They’re really well regarded and well run. My goal is to really help the program managers do their best. I see my job as getting out there in the community, meeting people, hearing their hopes and dreams,” she said.

The other part of her job will be sitting down with the budgets and finances and working with fundraising. Getting to know the community is the fun part, though.

“I’m just really excited to be part of the community. Folks should come in and say hi; I really want to understand what people want from The Arts Center, what they are looking for, and how we might be able to serve the needs of a lot more people here in Corvallis.”

To learn more about The Arts Center and current or upcoming exhibits and events, visit or 700 SW Madison Avenue. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

By Lana Jones